Folklore: historical pageants & sagre

tuscansagraThe tour starts from Arezzo and lasts about 8 hours.

Tuscany boasts many historical pageants that, especially during the summer, enrich our land with colours and parades. The Palio of Siena, the Giostra del Saracino of Arezzo and the Calcio in Costume of Florence are amongst the best known events and a must see. You will be astonished also by the ones carried out in the little hamlets throughout the region.

We are happy to explain to you the origins and the meaning of our traditions that stem from a far-off past. Among rich brocades, laces, velvets, pearls and crowns, you will admire historical pageants, flag throwers and contests between knights, all in the frame of a medieval Tuscan hamlet. It will seem as if you have stepped back several centuries in time: a day to remember!

Other events that truly reflect the spirit of our land are the “sagre”, certainly is one of the more “Very Tuscany” experiences you could do. Imagine long tables along the alleys or in the squares of a medieval hamlet, our famous wines, typical food (really delicious!) and the locals, all of whom participate. Now you have the atmosphere of a feast day! You will be there, enjoying the tastes of our traditional cuisine and the playfulness of the company at your table.

With us you can enjoy the feast more (the wine is wonderful!) without being worried about finding the way back at night or driving across the winding Tuscan roads.

Experience a really special day, in keeping with tradition and fun!

See below a list of events which is updated periodically. You just need to choose one and we organize a tour to combine the feast with the discovery of the wonders of the area.

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