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experienceThe tour starts from Arezzo and lasts about 8 hours.

Our itinerary starts in Sansepolcro where Piero della Francesca was born in 1412.  The Civic Museum displays four of his works, among which is the marvellous fresco “La Resurrezione” painted on the central wall of the Hearing Hall. Driving through Valtiberina’s hills we reach Monterchi, a nice village near the border of Umbria, where we find the wonderful “Madonna del Parto”. The day ends in Arezzo which boasts a beautiful representation of Magdalene and, in the Basilica of San Francesco, the unrivalled masterpiece of Piero: the cycle of frescos named “The Legend of the True Cross” which, after a long period of restoration, was returned to its original splendour.

This tour is a good opportunity to discover the beautiful city centre which is extremely rich in interesting palaces and art masterpieces such as the works of art of Giorgio Vasari, the glazed terracottas of Della Robbia family and the shining stained-glass windows by the French Master Guillaume de Marcillat.

Other options to combine with the town of Arezzo: Cortona, Follow Leonardo da Vinci’s steps along Setteponti road, Casentino Valley, Valtiberina (cf. Gourmet Tours)

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