Have you ever heard the term “Super Tuscan”? Don’t worry, you need just two minutes.


Here in Tuscany we certify some wines as IGT wines. This term means “typical regional wine”. A Super Tuscan is a very high quality IGT wine. The IGT label guarantees that a minimum of 85% of the grapes used to produce it are grown in Tuscany. If we drinka normal “vino da tavola” (table wine) we can’t be sure as well. We have to say that the great part of the wineries in Tuscany uses their own grapes, especially when we talk about Super Tuscan wines. Vinification, blend, aging period and wood are completely chosen by the producers. On the other hand our DOCG wines such as Brunello, Nobile of Montepulciano or Chianti, are regulated by many rules.

From the ’70s, thanks to an invention of the renowed wine journalist Robert Parker, the most expensive IGT wines started to be nicknamed Super Tuscans. This resonance helped these wines to become very famous all over the world.

So the recipe of Super Tuscans is the expression of the philosophy of the wine makers and this freedom could be very stimulating for them. Wineries produce just a small amount of bottles per vintage of these wine in order to create a “niche product”, for this reason the prices could be quite high in comparison of many other wines.

Some examples of the most famous Super Tuscan wines are: Sassicaia, Tignanello, Solaia, Ornellaia, etc..

Today Super Tuscan wines represent another face of Tuscan wine production. On one side we have the classical wines regulated with the DOCG and DOC label which promote traditional taste, tuscan style and the idea that wine has to be drunk with Tuscan food. On the other side the Super Tuscans remind to an international taste with a lot of parfumes and the flavor of new oak. They are good to be easily drunk without food, as meditation wines.

Now you are keen on Tuscan wines… come here to visit Tuscany and have a tasting!

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